Gallery ‎Miniature Piaggio Vespa from tin cans (recycling of used goods)


Love the environment should not be done in a way that is grandiose. We can start by doing simple things in everyday life. For example, with reuse of used goods into goods back can be used. Many people consider those who create from recycled it is something “cool”. Here indirectly we can be creative while preserving the environment.

There are many creations that we can make and the used goods, even if it wanted to, we could make it into a business opportunity, for example miniature vesva of tin cans. Like the proverb says “While diving drinking water”, in another sense, while creative we can also do business and help preserve the environment.

Do you know how long it takes nature to parse the rest of the rest of the garbage cans of drinks (soft drinks), which we throw away at the earth’s surface? perhaps all we age is not necessarily the perfect decompose the garbage can, it’s just one litter, do not imagine her with another kind of garbage.

Waste cans is not something new. Nothing makes ashtrays, sculptures, robotic figures, miniature vesva from tin cans, there are also processing plastic into everyday goods such as purses, bags and wall hangings. 

People who process waste becomes more meaningful this can be categorized as an environmental savior this is the positive side we can get.


Recycle art is not something that is beautiful and wonderful, but the important thing is we have to minimize the garbage around us.   

A number of commonly used beverage cans are softdrink. Beverage cans which already has a design then “transformed” so miniature vesva of unique tin cans with different variations.

We are makers of miniature vesva of tin cans. try to recycle into useful goods with high artistic value. can be used as ornaments, collectibles, gifts and souvenirs.

Manchandise selection vesva miniature creations from tin cans are recycled right with high quality goods. You can buy a model football clubs, cartunes, artist, batik, state flag, and any other free motifs by request.

‎We produce miniature vesva from tin cans of various models, designs, motifs and various types of different variations. and obviously it would be unique and a large collection of preferred customers and society.

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